Functional characterization of platelets in patients with arterial erectile dysfunction

  title={Functional characterization of platelets in patients with arterial erectile dysfunction},
  author={Sandro La Vignera and R A Condorelli and Giovanni Burgio and Enzo Saretto Dante Vicari and Vincenzo Favilla and Giorgio Ivan Russo and Sebastiano Cimino and Giuseppe Morgia and A. E. Calogero},
Arterial erectile dysfunction (ED) is commonly associated with classic cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors, such as smoking, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidaemia and obesity. However, some patients with arterial ED do not present any cardiovascular risk factor. As mean platelet volume (MPV) has been shown to be directly related to the cardiovascular risk and the percentage of platelets expressing the vitronectin receptor (αVβ3), involved in the early stages of platelet adhesion… 

Mean Platelet Volume as a Marker of Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction and Future Cardiovascular Risk

The objective of this review is to critically analyze the evidence on the role of MPV in predicting the diagnosis and severity of vasculogenic ED and the possibility of using this simple marker as a first step to start a diagnostic process aimed at assessing the cardiovascular risk in patients.

Blood platelet activity in men with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.

  • Z. BayraktarS. Albayrak
  • Medicine
    Archivio italiano di urologia, andrologia : organo ufficiale [di] Societa italiana di ecografia urologica e nefrologica
  • 2017
Finding high MPV, which reflects the platelet activity, in the patient group shows that platelets also have a role in the VED etiopathogenesis, and the efficiency of anti-platelet therapy in the vasculogenic ED should also be researched.

The relationship between platelet–lymphocyte ratio and severity of erectile dysfunction

Mean platelet volume as a predictive marker of erectile dysfunction: a meta-analysis

The findings show PLT is associated with the development of ED and higher MPV level was found in the ED subjects compared to the healthy controls.

Evaluation of blood platelet count and function in patients with erectile dysfunction

Blood total platelet count, mean platelet volume (MPV) and platelet distribution width (PDW) values of patients with erectile dysfunction and control subjects were evaluated and it was demonstrated that MPV and PDW values significantly increased in patients with ED compared with the control group.

Significance of platelet distribution width as a severity marker of erectile dysfunction

The study establishes a dose‐dependent association between the PDW and ED, which can serve as a potential marker for predicting the severity of ED.

The relationship between erectile dysfunction severity, mean platelet volume and vitamin D levels

A significant positive correlation between ED severity and 25(OH)D levels is found and there is a significant negative correlation betweenED severity and MPV levels.

Platelet indices and erectile dysfunction: A systematic review and meta‐analysis

In conclusion, vasculogenic ED patients had a higher MPV level in this study, but pooled analysis based on PLT and PDW levels has produced inconsistent results and not strong evidence on platelet level and ED correlation.

Is there a relationship between mean platelet volume and response to treatment with daily tadalafil in patients with erectile dysfunction?

The results of this study suggest that MPV might be used to predict the result of 5 mg daily tadalafil treatment in selected ED patients as a fast and cost‐effective test.



Can the Mean Platelet Volume Be a Risk Factor for Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction?

The platelet count and MPV was detected to be increased in patients with vasculogenic ED, suggesting a role for platelets in the pathogenesis of vascular complications and that the MPV would be useful in monitoring disease progression.

Increased expression of endothelial-platelet dysfunctional pathway in patients with arterial erectile dysfunction.

  • S. La Vignera
  • Medicine, Biology
    International angiology : a journal of the International Union of Angiology
  • 2011
Patients with arterial ED had an increased expression of endothelial apoptosis and initial platelet adhesion, and serum concentration of apoptotic endothelial microparticles and vitronectin receptor was significantly higher than control group.

The triad: erectile dysfunction--endothelial dysfunction--cardiovascular disease.

The present review identifies pathophysiologic links between endothelial dysfunction, ED and coronary artery disease, presents methodological aspects regarding penile and systemic endothelial function, and discusses the clinical implications in terms of diagnosis of ED, assessment of patient risk, and treatment.

Dysfunction of the endothelial‐platelet pathway in patients with erectile dysfunction before and after daily treatment with tadalafil

Assessment of the serum concentrations of apoptotic endothelial microparticles (EMPa) and the vitronectin receptor (VR) in patients with erectile dysfunction before and after treatment with tadalafil revealed higher levels of both EMPa and VR that are associated with dysfunction of the arterial endothelial pathway and VR‐expressing platelet‐endothelial elements.

Arterial erectile dysfunction: reliability of penile Doppler evaluation integrated with serum concentrations of late endothelial progenitor cells and endothelial microparticles.

It is suggested that AED is an expression of endothelial damage and that this original immunophenotype of EPCs and EMPs may be considered a predictor of endothelium dysfunction in patients with AED.

Clinical and metabolic evaluation of subjects with erectile dysfunction: a review with a proposal flowchart.

A clinical approach is suggested which allows the identification of metabolic and others systemic pathologies contributing to the development of erectile dysfunction and may constitute an improvement in disease prognosis and either induce a spontaneous reduction of ED or facilitate its specific therapy.

Endothelial antioxidant administration ameliorates the erectile response to PDE5 regardless of the extension of the atherosclerotic process.

The data suggest that, in patients with arterial ED, a combined treatment may be considered to increase bioavailable NO and to neutralize radical oxygen species, which in turn inactive NO.

Are platelet volume indices of clinical use? A multidisciplinary review

The PVI, mean platelet volume (MPV), is universally available with routine blood counts by automated hemograms and therefore is an attractive index to study in clinical scenarios and is useful in assessing the etiology of thrombocytopenia.

Erectile dysfunction and subsequent cardiovascular disease.

Erectile dysfunction is a harbinger of cardiovascular clinical events in some men and should prompt investigation and intervention for cardiovascular risk factors.