Functional capacity of the isolated perfused dog kidney

  title={Functional capacity of the isolated perfused dog kidney},
  author={A. H. Nizet and Y. Cuypers and Peter Deetjen and Kurt Kramer},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}ger's Archiv f{\"u}r die gesamte Physiologie des Menschen und der Tiere},
1. Vasoconstriction in the isolated kidney can be reduced by the use of fresh blood for perfusion. The amount used for filling the perfusion machine should not exceed that volume which passes the kidney within 3 min. Mechanical stirring and haemolysis should be reduced as much as possible. 2. Initial vasoconstriction is attenuated by addition of dilating drugs to the perfusion system (promethazine, acetylcholine). 3. After a normal period of about 1 hr, total renal blood flow increases to… CONTINUE READING
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