Functional architecture of the outer arm dynein conformational switch.

  title={Functional architecture of the outer arm dynein conformational switch.},
  author={Stephen M King and Ramila S. Patel-King},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={287 5},
Dynein light chain 1 (LC1/DNAL1) is one of the most highly conserved components of ciliary axonemal outer arm dyneins, and it associates with both a heavy chain motor unit and tubulin located within the A-tubule of the axonemal outer doublet microtubules. In a variety of model systems, lack of LC1 or expression of mutant forms leads to profound defects in ciliary motility, including the failure of the hydrodynamic coupling needed for ciliary metachronal synchrony, random stalling during the… CONTINUE READING
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