Functional and nutritional value of the Chilean seaweeds Codium fragile , Gracilaria chilensis and Macrocystis pyrifera

  title={Functional and nutritional value of the Chilean seaweeds Codium fragile , Gracilaria chilensis and Macrocystis pyrifera},
  author={Jaime A. Riera Ortiz and Edgar Uquiche and Paz Robert and Nalda Romero and Vilma Quitral and Catherine Llant},
The nutritional composition of the edible seaweeds Codium fragile, Gracilaria chilensis and Macrocystis pyrifera was determined, including amino acid and fatty acid contents along with tocol and carotenoid contents. The results indicated that the three algae C. fragile, G. chilensis and M. pyrifera showed a high range of protein contents (13.7–10.8%), amino acid contents (1879.6–1417.7 mg/100 g dry algae) and a low content in lipids (0.7–15.0%). The most abundant fatty acids in C. fragile and G… CONTINUE READING


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