Functional and anatomical diagnosis of coronary artery stenoses.

  title={Functional and anatomical diagnosis of coronary artery stenoses.},
  author={Abhijit Sinha Roy and Martin R Back and Saeb F Khoury and E. William Schneeberger and Lloyd H. Back and Vijaya V Velury and Ronald Wesley Millard and Rupak Kumar Banerjee},
  journal={The Journal of surgical research},
  volume={150 1},
BACKGROUND Functional/physiological evaluation of coronary artery stenoses may be more important than anatomical measurements of severity. Optimization of thresholds for stenosis intervention and treatment endpoints depend on coupling functional hemodynamic and anatomical data. We sought to develop a single prognostic parameter correlating stenosis-specific anatomy, pressure gradient, and velocities that could be measured during catheterization. MATERIALS AND METHODS In vivo Experiments were… CONTINUE READING