Functional analysis of the serpin domain of C1 inhibitor.

  title={Functional analysis of the serpin domain of C1 inhibitor.},
  author={M{\'a}rio de Almeida Pereira Coutinho and Kulwant S. Aulak and Alvin E. Davis},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={153 8},
To analyze the role of the heavily glycosylated amino-terminal domain of C1 inhibitor in protease inhibitory activity, two truncated C1 inhibitor molecules were constructed. The abilities of the recombinant truncated inhibitors to complex with target proteases were compared with that of the wild-type recombinant protein. One recombinant truncated molecule consisted of amino acid residues 76 to 478 (C-serp(76)) and the other of residues 98 to 478 (C-serp(98)). The recombinant proteins were each… CONTINUE READING

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