Functional analysis of RF2a, a rice transcription factor.

  title={Functional analysis of RF2a, a rice transcription factor.},
  author={Shunhong Dai and Silvana Petruccelli and Maria Isabel Ordiz and Zhihong Zhang and Shouyi Chen and Roger N. Beachy},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={278 38},
RF2a is a bZIP transcription factor that regulates expression of the promoter of rice tungro bacilliform badnavirus. RF2a is predicted to include three domains that contribute to its function. The results of transient assays with mutants of RF2a from which one or more domains were removed demonstrated that the acidic domain was essential for the activation of gene expression, although the proline-rich and glutamine-rich domains each played a role in this function. Studies using fusion proteins… CONTINUE READING

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