Functional Reconstructive Nasal Surgery

  title={Functional Reconstructive Nasal Surgery},
  author={Jolanda D F de Groot},
Professor Huizing's brilliant text with Dr. John de Groot's magnificent surgical drawings on functional reconstructive nasal surgery is now available in a new and updated second edition. Maintaining its focus on modern surgical concepts and techniques, the book now also includes state-of-the-art contributions from a team of leading international specialists. From surgical anatomy and physiology to diagnosis of nasal syndromes to step-by-step surgical techniques, Functional Reconstructive Nasal… 
Endoscopic "Quick" Septoplasty in Preservation Rhinoplasty.
The results show that a short surgical time is needed to perform the proposed endoscopic septoplasty procedure, and the minimal tissue dissection reduces intraoperative nasal edema, favoring intraoperative aesthetic evaluation.
Functional endonasal surgery - concept, development, trends -.
The fact that today the surgeon has much more varied surgical technologies has led to the adoption of more complex work philosophies that use combinations of techniques, surgical procedures and technologies in line with the progress in modern practice.
Quick Septoplasty: Surgical Technique and Learning Curve
The proposed septoplasty technique is an effective and rapid procedure for the correction of septal deviations in both adults and children and can be associated with other surgical procedures such as FESS and rhinoplasty.
Effect of Nasal Tip Surgery on Asian Noses Using the Transdomal Suture Technique
The authors recommend using the suture technique in combination with other tip surgical procedures, such as onlay grafts, to achieve significant tip projection improvement, although it has some limitations with Asian noses, especially if used alone.
Safe and rapid approach to the deviated nasal septum in children
The present report describes the personal septoplasty technique in children, along with technical details, operative times, and results, and describes the most appropriate surgical approach to the deviated septum in childhood.
1 The advantages of external rhinoplasty approach
Several nasal deformity cases, such as septal deviation, congenital deformity, tumor and cosmetic reason, which underwent external rhinoplasty approach were discussed in this paper.
Assessment of the Effect of Septocolumellar Suturing on Nasal Tip Rotation
It can be concluded that septocolumellar suturing is an easy, less invasive and short duration procedure that has an effective role in improvement of the droopy nasal tip.
Evaluation of Postoperative Results in Patients with Functional and Aesthetic Septorhinoplasty
The objectives of the surgical technique septorhinoplasty are to remodel and redesign the nose, to remove the excessive bone and cartilaginous structures, and/or to correct the nasal insufficiencies
Response to Commentary on: Dorsal Roof Technique for Dorsum Preservation in Rhinoplasty
  • S. Taş
  • Medicine
    Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • 2020
Abstract Rhinoplasty is a sophisticated surgery that needs high technical skills with knowledge. The DR technique is a refined technique to deal with the selected cases which are challenging for