Functional RNA microarrays for high-throughput screening of antiprotein aptamers.

  title={Functional RNA microarrays for high-throughput screening of antiprotein aptamers.},
  author={James R. Collett and Eun Jeong Cho and Jennifer F. Lee and Matthew Levy and Allysia J Hood and Christine Wan and Andrew D. Ellington},
  journal={Analytical biochemistry},
  volume={338 1},
High-throughput methods for generating aptamer microarrays are described. As a proof-of-principle, the microarrays were used to screen the affinity and specificity of a pool of robotically selected antilysozyme RNA aptamers. Aptamers were transcribed in vitro in reactions supplemented with biotinyl-guanosine 5'-monophosphate, which led to the specific addition of a 5' biotin moiety, and then spotted on streptavidin-coated microarray slides. The aptamers captured target protein in a dose… CONTINUE READING

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