Functional Domain Analysis of the Remorin Protein LjSYMREM1 in Lotus japonicus

  title={Functional Domain Analysis of the Remorin Protein LjSYMREM1 in Lotus japonicus},
  author={Katalin T{\'o}th and Thomas F. Stratil and Esben Bj\orn Madsen and Juanying Ye and Claudia Popp and Meritxell Antol{\'i}n-Llovera and Christina Grossmann and Ole N\orregaard Jensen and Arthur Sch{\"u}ssler and Martin Parniske and Thomas Ott},
  booktitle={PloS one},
In legumes rhizobial infection during root nodule symbiosis (RNS) is controlled by a conserved set of receptor proteins and downstream components. MtSYMREM1, a protein of the Remorin family in Medicago truncatula, was shown to interact with at least three receptor-like kinases (RLKs) that are essential for RNS. Remorins are comprised of a conserved C-terminal domain and a variable N-terminal region that defines the six different Remorin groups. While both N- and C-terminal regions of Remorins… CONTINUE READING

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