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Functional Data Analysis of Aging Curves in Sports

  title={Functional Data Analysis of Aging Curves in Sports},
  author={Alexander F. Wakim and Jimmy Jin},
  journal={arXiv: Applications},
It is well known that athletic and physical condition is affected by age. Plotting an individual athlete's performance against age creates a graph commonly called the player's aging curve. Despite the obvious interest to coaches and managers, the analysis of aging curves so far has used fairly rudimentary techniques. In this paper, we introduce functional data analysis (FDA) to the study of aging curves in sports and argue that it is both more general and more flexible compared to the methods… Expand
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Archetypoid analysis for sports analytics
This study provides information that will provide valuable knowledge about player/team/league performance so that athlete’s careers are analyzed and the potential of functional data analysis in sports analytics is exploited. Expand
Forecasting basketball players' performance using sparse functional data
A methodology based on two methods to handle sparse and irregular data, together with the analogous method and functional archetypoid analysis is proposed and shows that this approach is competitive and additionally provides prediction intervals. Expand
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