Functional Connectivity of the Insula in Smokers

  title={Functional Connectivity of the Insula in Smokers},
  author={Peter LaViolette and W. Clay Collier and Matthew Verber and Kathleen M. Schmainda and Linda B Piacentine and Kelli L. Douville and S. A. Claesges and Sally Durgerian and Alan Bloom},
Figure 2. Insula functional connectivity changes in smokers. Differences are measured in the right supramarginal gyrus (A.), right superior temporal sulcus (B.), posterior cingulate (C.), and right inferior frontal (D.). Hot colors indicate a positive difference (or less negative) nonsmoker – smoker, while cool colors show a negative difference. Bar charts on right demonstrate directionality of groups, N=nonsmokers (blue) S=smokers (red), *** p<0.001, ** p<0.005. Y-axis is average correlation Z… CONTINUE READING

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