Functional Assessment of the Thyrotropin Receptor-β Subunit

  title={Functional Assessment of the Thyrotropin Receptor-β Subunit},
  author={Ilaria Ciullo and Rauf Latif and P. Nelson Graves and Terry F Davies},
Posttranslational processing of the TSH receptor (TSHR) involves proteolysis of a single chain holoreceptor into TSHR-α (or A) and TSHR-β (or B) subunits, which remain associated via disulfide bonds and which may then form oligomers. As both uncleaved and cleavage-derived forms of this receptor have been reported to bind TSH and transduce signals, reasons for this cleavage into α- and β-subunits have remained enigmatic. Recently we suggested that TSHR cleavage was related to receptor… CONTINUE READING

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