Functional Analysis and Molecular Modeling of a Cloned Urate Transporter/Channel

  title={Functional Analysis and Molecular Modeling of a Cloned Urate Transporter/Channel},
  author={Edgar Leal-Pinto and B. Eleazar Cohen and Ruth G. Abramson},
  journal={The Journal of Membrane Biology},
Recombinant protein, designated UAT, prepared from a cloned rat renal cDNA library functions as a selective voltage-sensitive urate transporter/channel when fused with lipid bilayers. Since we previously suggested that UAT may represent the mammalian electrogenic urate transporter, UAT has been functionally characterized in the presence and absence of potential channel blockers, several of which are known to block mammalian electrogenic urate transport. Two substrates, oxonate (a competitive… CONTINUE READING