Function of a separate NH3-pore in Aquaporin TIP2;2 from wheat.


Functional analysis of heterologously expressed TaTIP2;2 by means of stopped-flow spectrometric studies provide evidence for water and ammonia conductivity. A series of experiments under increasing pH indicate that the gaseous NH(3), rather than the ammonium ion NH(4)(+) was transported. Results from inhibitor studies strongly suggest that NH(3) is not transported in file with water, but through a separate pathway, which could be supplied by the 5th central pore in a tetramer conformation.

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@article{Bertl2007FunctionOA, title={Function of a separate NH3-pore in Aquaporin TIP2;2 from wheat.}, author={Adam Bertl and Ralf Kaldenhoff}, journal={FEBS letters}, year={2007}, volume={581 28}, pages={5413-7} }