Function, location, and regulation of the src protein-tyrosine kinase.

  title={Function, location, and regulation of the src protein-tyrosine kinase.},
  author={H. E. Varmus and Hisao Hirai and David O. Morgan and Jennifer M Kaplan and J. Michael Bishop},
  journal={Princess Takamatsu symposia},
The physiological roles, precise locations, and relevant targets of the 60 kD protein-tyrosine kinase encoded by viral and cellular src genes p60src are not known, despite intensive study. We describe recent work that bears upon these unresolved problems: (i) p60c-src is phosphorylated during mitosis on threonine and serine residues by the protein kinase encoded by the mammalian homologue of cdc2, suggesting that c-src may contribute to the phenotype of mitotic cells; (ii) multiple regions in… CONTINUE READING