FunRich: An open access standalone functional enrichment and interaction network analysis tool

  title={FunRich: An open access standalone functional enrichment and interaction network analysis tool},
  author={M. Pathan and Shivakumar Keerthikumar and C. Ang and L. Gangoda and Camelia Y. J. Quek and N. Williamson and D. Mouradov and O. Sieber and R. Simpson and Agus Salim and A. Bacic and A. Hill and D. Stroud and M. Ryan and J. Agbinya and J. Mariadason and A. Burgess and S. Mathivanan},
As high‐throughput techniques including proteomics become more accessible to individual laboratories, there is an urgent need for a user‐friendly bioinformatics analysis system. Here, we describe FunRich, an open access, standalone functional enrichment and network analysis tool. FunRich is designed to be used by biologists with minimal or no support from computational and database experts. Using FunRich, users can perform functional enrichment analysis on background databases that are… Expand
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