Fumonisins in Brazilian corn-based foods for infant consumption.

  title={Fumonisins in Brazilian corn-based foods for infant consumption.},
  author={M Fernanda P M de Castro and Gordon Seymour Shephard and Vikash Sewram and Eduardo de Vicente and Teresa Mendonça and Ashley C. Jordan},
  journal={Food additives and contaminants},
  volume={21 7},
A survey of 196 samples of corn-based infant foods from 13 cities of Sao Paulo State, Brazil, was carried out to investigate the fumonisin contamination in the products. Based on their ingredients, the products were divided into seven groups: infant cereal designated as types A-D, corn meal, corn starch and instant cereal baby food. Although certain infant food samples were free of fumonisin contamination (<20 microg kg(-1); corn starch and infant cereals of type A, B and D), contamination… CONTINUE READING

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