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Fumonisine B1 und B2, Moniliformin, Beauvericin und Zearalenon in Mais auf dem Schweizer Markt

  title={Fumonisine B1 und B2, Moniliformin, Beauvericin und Zearalenon in Mais auf dem Schweizer Markt},
  author={J. Noser and P. Wenk and Alfred Sutter and Iwan Fankhauser and H. Hirschi},
Durant les annees 1999 et 2000, un total de 99 echantillons de mais en provenance du marche suisse ont ete analyses pour les aflatoxines B&G, la beauvericine, les fumonisines B 1 et B 2 , la moniliformine, et la zearalenone. Les resultats de ces analyses ainsi qu'une description detaillee des differentes methodes d'analyse utilisees sont presentes dans cet article, qui montre notamment que les echantillons contamines par les fumonisines contiennent souvent aussi de la moniliformine. Par… Expand
Emerging Fusarium -Mycotoxins Fusaproliferin, Beauvericin, Enniatins, And Moniliformin—A Review
  • M. Jestoi
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Critical reviews in food science and nutrition
  • 2008
This paper summarizes the existing data on the chemistry, analytical techniques, biosynthesis, production, toxicity, and occurrence data on fusaproliferin, beauvericin, enniatins, and moniliformin and suggests attention should be paid to the studies on the distinct signifigance of these compounds in the human and animal food chains. Expand
In many parts of the world, the major cereal crops (maize, wheat, barley, rye and oats) are particularly susceptible to infection by Fusarium species. Moniliformin (МОN) is a mycotoxin produced byExpand
Fusaproliferin, beauvericin and enniatins: occurrence in food – a review
The reported data suggest a connection between the observed concentrations and climate, and suggest that humans might be exposed continuously to low levels of enniatins as these compounds were of particularly high prevalence in the... Expand
Presence and concentrations of the Fusarium-related mycotoxins beauvericin, enniatins and moniliformin in finnish grain samples
A significant correlation was found between F. avenaceum contamination level and the concentration levels of enniatin A and B1, as well as moniliformin, the most abundant Fusarium species in Finland during both years. Expand
Health effects of moniliformin: a poorly understood Fusarium mycotoxin
F fungi of the Fusarium genus are clearly capable of synthesising other mycotoxins as well, including moniliformin (MON), which evokes myocardiac damage and is characterised by major species differences. Expand
New approaches for zearalenone analysis
In the present study an analytical method for the determination of the mycotoxin zearalenone was developed by coupling alternative extraction techniques (MAE; PLE) and highly sophisticated detectionExpand
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