Fully spray coated organic photodiodes.

  title={Fully spray coated organic photodiodes.},
  author={Sandro Francesco Tedde and Johannes Kern and Tobias Sterzl and Jens Fuerst and Paolo Lugli and Oliver Hayden},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={9 3},
Solution-processed organic diodes based on bulk heterojunctions are attractive for large area photodetection. We report a general approach for fully spray-coated organic photodiodes with outstanding characteristics in comparison to bladed or spin-coated devices. Despite the high surface roughness and the less defined morphology of the spray-deposited organic layers, we observe organic photodetectors with responsivities of 0.36 A/W and noise equivalent powers of 0.2 pW/H(1/2) in the visible… CONTINUE READING
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