Fully depleted n-MOSFETs on supercritical thickness strained SOI

  title={Fully depleted n-MOSFETs on supercritical thickness strained SOI},
  author={Isabel Lauer and T. A. Langdo and Z.-Y. Cheng and J. G. Fiorenza and G. R. Braithwaite and M. Currie and C Leitz and Anthony Lochtefeld and Hani Badawi and M. Bulsara and M. Somerville and D. Antoniadis},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
Strained silicon-on-insulator (SSOI) is a new material system that combines the carrier transport advantages of strained Si with the reduced parasitic capacitance and improved MOSFET scalability of thin-film SOI. We demonstrate fabrication of highly uniform SiGe-free SSOI wafers with 20% Ge equivalent strain and report fully depleted n-MOSFET results. We show that enhanced mobility is maintained in strained Si films transferred directly to SiO/sub 2/ from relaxed Si/sub 0.8/Ge/sub 0.2/ virtual… CONTINUE READING
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