Fully-Dynamic Bin Packing with Little Repacking

  title={Fully-Dynamic Bin Packing with Little Repacking},
  author={Bj{\"o}rn Feldkord and Matthias Feldotto and Anupam Kumar Gupta and Guru Guruganesh and Amit Kumar and S{\"o}ren Riechers and David Wajc},
We study the classic bin packing problem in a fully-dynamic setting, where new items can arrive and old items may depart. We want algorithms with low asymptotic competitive ratio while repacking items sparingly between updates. Formally, each item i has a movement cost ci ≥ 0, and we want to use α ·OPT bins and incur a movement cost γ ·ci, either in the worst case, or in an amortized sense, for α, γ as small as possible. We call γ the recourse of the algorithm. This is motivated by cloud… CONTINUE READING

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