Full range physiological mass transport control in 3D tissue cultures.

  title={Full range physiological mass transport control in 3D tissue cultures.},
  author={Yu-Hsiang Hsu and Monica L. Moya and Parinaz Abiri and Christopher C. W. Hughes and Steven George and Abraham Phillip Lee},
  journal={Lab on a chip},
  volume={13 1},
We report the first demonstration of a microfluidic platform that captures the full physiological range of mass transport in 3-D tissue culture. The basis of our method used long microfluidic channels connected to both sides of a central microtissue chamber at different downstream positions to control the mass transport distribution within the chamber. Precise control of the Péclet number (Pe), defined as the ratio of convective to diffusive transport, over nearly five orders of magnitude (0… CONTINUE READING

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