Full counting statistics in the gapped XXZ spin chain

  title={Full counting statistics in the gapped XXZ spin chain},
  author={Pasquale Calabrese and Mario Collura and Giuseppe Di Giulio and Sara Murciano},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
We exploit the knowledge of the entanglement spectrum in the ground state of the gapped XXZ spin chain to derive asymptotic exact results for the full counting statistics of the transverse magnetisation in a large spin block of length ℓ. We found that for a subsystem of even length the full counting statistics is Gaussian, while for odd subsystems it is the sum of two Gaussian distributions. We test our analytic predictions with accurate tensor networks simulations. As a byproduct, we also… 

A Scalable, Non-Parametric Method for Detecting Performance Anomaly in Large Scale Computing

  • Li YuZ. Lan
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • 2016
The design is generic for anomaly detection in a variety of parallel and distributed systems exhibiting peer-comparable property and adopts a divide-and-conquer approach to address the scalability challenge and explores the use of non-parametric clustering and two-phase majority voting to improve detection flexibility and accuracy.

Prenatal Nutrition: a Critical Window of Opportunity for Mother and Child

Future nutritional care for healthy in utero programming may necessitate individual assessment and follow-up, including preconception nutritional preparation, appropriate weight gain, metabolic balance and food-based regimens enhanced by key nutrient fortification and/or supplementation, warranting further research into nutritional optimization of pregnancy outcomes.

Effect of the litter layer on runoff and evapotranspiration using the paired watershed method

The litter layer on a forest floor can influence both short-term runoff and long-term water balance through modification of various hydrological processes. In this study, we have quantified the

Entanglement resolution of free Dirac fermions on a torus

: Whenever a system possesses a conserved charge, the density matrix splits into eigenspaces associated to the each symmetry sector and we can access the entanglement entropy in a given subspace,

Thermalization of long range Ising model in different dynamical regimes: a full counting statistics approach

We study thermalization of transverse field Ising chain with power law decaying interaction ∼ 1 / r α following a global quantum quench of the transverse field to two different dynamical regimes. We

Phase Diagram Detection via Gaussian Fitting of Number Probability Distribution

We investigate the number probability density function that characterizes sub-portions of a quantum many-body system with globally conserved number of particles. We put forward a linear fitting

Symmetry resolved entanglement of excited states in quantum field theory. Part II. Numerics, interacting theories and higher dimensions

Abstract In a recent paper we studied the entanglement content of zero-density excited states in complex free quantum field theories, focusing on the symmetry resolved entanglement entropy (SREE).

Page curve and symmetries

Motivated by the quantum process of black hole evaporation and its implications for symmetries, we consider a qubit system with a random dynamics as a toy model of black hole. We compute its

Symmetry-resolved Page curves

Given a statistical ensemble of quantum states, the corresponding Page curve quantifies the average entanglement entropy associated with each possible spatial bipartition of the system. In this work,



Nature Meets Technology : The Natural Cosmetic Ingredient Tiliroside

The aim of the present study is to demonstrate the possible transfer of protective benefits from plants to humans in cosmetics as shown in a placebo-controlled in vivo study on human volunteers.

A CMOS self-calibrating frequency synthesizer

A programmable phase-locked-loop (PLL)-based frequency synthesizer, capable of automatically adjusting the nominal center frequency of the voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) to an optimum value is

Boundary-locality and perturbative structure of entanglement spectra in gapped systems.

Focusing on gapped phases of several one-dimensional systems, it is shown how this spectrum is dominated by contributions from the boundary between the parts, contradicting the view of an "entanglement Hamiltonian" as a bulk entity.

Exact out-of-equilibrium steady states in the semiclassical limit of the interacting Bose gas

We study the out-of-equilibrium properties of a classical integrable non-relativistic theory, with a time evolution initially prepared with a finite energy density in the thermodynamic limit. The

Domain wall melting in the spin- 12 XXZ spin chain: Emergent Luttinger liquid with a fractal quasiparticle charge

In spin chains with local unitary evolution preserving the magnetization $S^{\rm z}$, the domain-wall state $\left| \dots \uparrow \uparrow \uparrow \uparrow \uparrow \downarrow \downarrow \downarrow

Symmetry resolved entanglement in gapped integrable systems: a corner transfer matrix approach

We study the symmetry resolved entanglement entropies in gapped integrable lattice models. We use the corner transfer matrix to investigate two prototypical gapped systems with a U(1) symmetry: the

Formation probabilities and statistics of observables as defect problems in free fermions and quantum spin chains

We show that the computation of formation probabilities (FP) in the configuration basis and the full counting statistics (FCS) of observables in the quadratic fermionic Hamiltonians are equivalent to

Particle number fluctuations, Rényi entropy, and symmetry-resolved entanglement entropy in a two-dimensional Fermi gas from multidimensional bosonization

We revisit the computation of particle number fluctuations and the R\'enyi entanglement entropy of a two-dimensional Fermi gas using multidimensional bosonization. In particular, we compute these

Symmetry resolved entanglement: exact results in 1D and beyond

In a quantum many-body system that possesses an additive conserved quantity, the entanglement entropy of a subsystem can be resolved into a sum of contributions from different sectors of the

Antibacterial Mechanism of Action of Arylamide Foldamers

ABSTRACT Small arylamide foldamers designed to mimic the amphiphilic nature of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) have shown potent bactericidal activity against both Gram-negative and Gram-positive