Full Spectrum White LEDs of Any Color Temperature with Color Rendering Index Higher Than 90 Using a Single Broad-Band Phosphor

  title={Full Spectrum White LEDs of Any Color Temperature with Color Rendering Index Higher Than 90 Using a Single Broad-Band Phosphor},
  author={Partha Sharathi Dutta and Kathryn M. Liotta},
  journal={ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology},
A new phosphor alloy Ca 1 + x Sr 1-x Ga 2 S 3 F 2 : Ce 3 + , Eu 2 + with x = 0.04 exhibits a full spectrum emission in the entire visible wavelength range from 420 to 700 nm when excited by a LED chip with 400 nm emission. By simply depositing varying thicknesses (amount) of this phosphor powder on a 400 nm excitation LED source, white LEDs with correlated color temperatures (CCT) between 1700 K and 20,000 K and (x,y) chromaticity coordinates lying on the Planckian locus of the CIE chromaticity… 

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