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    Hazardous Waste Minimization / 9 F Source reduction alternatives in the aerospace industry

    • G.
    • Environmental Science
    • 2003
    A cooperative effort by three major aerospace companies and the California Department of Health Services successfully identified alternatives for hazardous waste minimization Apriority was giuen to


    The following individuals read and discussed the thesis submitted by student Emma Catherine Baker, and they evaluated her presentation and response to questions during the final oral examination.



    Public health policy – can there be an economic imperative ? An examination of one such

    Interventions to protect public health are usually seen as both necessary and good in themselves, intrinsically worthwhile, with public expenditure self-evidently necessary. However, such

    The Coliform Index and Waterborne Disease: Problems of microbial drinking water assessment

    The significance of emerging pathogens on water quality assessment and the use of gene probes and PCR to detect coliforms in water are illustrated.

    The occurrence of commensal rodents in dwellings as revealed by the 1996 English House Condition Survey

    The value of applied ecological techniques, including logistic regression of presence–absence data, is revealed in understanding the distribution of commensal rodents in relation to dwellings, with the prospect of more effective management practices being developed as a consequence.

    Control of Norway rats in sewer and utility systems using pulsed baiting methods

    Subsurface baiting should be an integral part of urban rodent control programs, and reinfestation of phone/electric manholes was so minimal that maintenance baiting was not necessary or cost-effective.

    Rodent Control in London's Sewers

    • I. Forbes
    • Business
      Journal of the Royal Society of Health
    • 1990
    Sewer baiting resources are allocated for sewer baiting for a number of reasons to ensure that rodent infestation does not attain unacceptable levels in the environment and to prevent blockages in the Authority's sewers.

    The State We're In

    Will Hutton, the Guardian's Economics Editor, is the most respected analyst writing in Britain today. He argues that the weakness of the economy can't be divorced from the problems of the rest of

    A review of commensal rodents and their control

    (1973). A review of commensal rodents and their control. C R C Critical Reviews in Environmental Control: Vol. 3, No. 1-4, pp. 405-453.

    Blueprint for a green economy

    Preface * Introduction * The Meaning of Sustainable Development * Valuing the Environment * Annex: Difficulties in the Application of Estimation Techniques * Accounting for the Environment * Project

    Rodent Pests and Their Control

    It is necessary to have a large number of traps and/or expensive implements to deal with the infestation of rats and other pests.