Full-Dose Intraoperative Radiotherapy with Electrons in Breast Cancer

  title={Full-Dose Intraoperative Radiotherapy with Electrons in Breast Cancer},
  author={Salvatore Mussari and Walter Sabino della Sala and Lucia Busana and Valentina Vanoni and Claudio Eccher and Bruno Zani and Loris Menegotti and Luigi Tomio},
  journal={Strahlentherapie und Onkologie},
To investigate the feasibility of applying exclusive intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) after conservative surgery in limited-stage breast carcinoma and to evaluate late effects and cosmetic results after this new conservative treatment. From October 2000 to November 2002, 47 consecutive patients with unifocal breast carcinoma up to a diameter of 2 cm received conservative surgery followed by IORT with electrons as the sole adjuvant local therapy. Three different dose levels were used: 20… CONTINUE READING