Fulfilment in Matthew

  title={Fulfilment in Matthew},
  author={Francois P. Viljoen},
  journal={Verbum Et Ecclesia},
  • F. Viljoen
  • Published 17 November 2007
  • Philosophy
  • Verbum Et Ecclesia
Matthew extensively explored the motif that Jesus was the fulfilment of the Old Testament hopes. In this article investigation is done on the way Matthew employs this motif. The expression of fulfilment of Scripture had an important function in early Christian circles. The Christian faith had to be legitimatized by reference to the Jewish Scriptures. What happened to Jesus and the rise of the Christian church were to be identified as the fulfilment of the promises of the Old Testament. For… Expand
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  • In die Skriflig / In Luce Verbi
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