Fuels from Biomass

  title={Fuels from Biomass},
  author={Ferruccio Trifir{\'o}},
  journal={TECNICA ITALIANA-Italian Journal of Engineering Science},
  • F. Trifiró
  • Published 30 March 2019
  • Environmental Science
  • TECNICA ITALIANA-Italian Journal of Engineering Science
Received: 25 January 2019 Accepted: 22 March 2019 Against the climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions, one of the several solutions is the use of biofuels. Biofuels are biomethane, biodiesel, bioethanol, GTL, DME, biobutanol, biohydrogen and BTL. Biomethane is produced by anaerobic fermentation of organic wastes. Bioethanol is produced from fermentation of sugar crops but also from lignocellulosic wastes. Biobutanol is produced by fermentation of food crops or from lignocellulosic wastes… 

Utilization of Plant Biomass for the Production of Renewable and Sustainable Biofuels With Zero Carbon Emission

Biofuels for use of transport and industrial purposes have been synthesised on a substantial scale since 1970s, using a set of technologies. Today, biofuels are widely available using sugar, grains,

Biofuels from Micro-Organisms: Thermodynamic Considerations on the Role of Electrochemical Potential on Micro-Organisms Growth

Biofuels from micro-organisms represents a possible response to the carbon dioxide mitigation. One open problem is to improve their productivity, in terms of biofuels production. To do so, an



Biobutanol: An attractive biofuel

  • P. Dürre
  • Engineering
    Biotechnology journal
  • 2007
The best‐studied bacterium to perform a butanol fermentation is Clostridium acetobutylicum, and its genome has been sequenced, and the regulation of solvent formation is under intensive investigation, opening the possibility to engineer recombinant strains with superior biobutanol‐producing ability.

Biofuels and biomass-to-liquid fuels in the biorefinery: catalytic conversion of lignocellulosic biomass using porous materials.

The challenges involved in the processing of lignocellulose-rich materials will be highlighted, along with the application of porous materials as catalysts for the biomass-to-liquids (BTL) fuels in biorefineries.

Biofuels – Economic Aspects

Assuming an oil price of US$60 per barrel, both biodiesel and bioethanol produced from wheat are not profitable in Europe. The producers' high margins are only due to the current mineral oil tax

Biomass and renewable fuels

Energy production from biomass (Part 1): Overview of biomass.

  • P. McKendry
  • Environmental Science
    Bioresource technology
  • 2002

Biohydrogen Production: Strategies to Improve Process Efficiency through Microbial Routes

This review primarily focuses on the evaluation of the efficiency and feasibility of the biological routes for the production of H2, and assess the factors that affect operations, and delineate the limitations.

Bioproduction of butanol from biomass: from genes to bioreactors.

Production of renewable jet fuel range alkanes and commodity chemicals from integrated catalytic processing of biomass

This article presents results from experimental studies and techno-economic analysis of a catalytic process for the conversion of whole biomass into drop-in aviation fuels with maximal carbon yields.