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Fuel cell e gas turbine hybrid system design part II : Dynamics and control

  title={Fuel cell e gas turbine hybrid system design part II : Dynamics and control},
  author={Dustin McLarty and Jack Brouwer and Scott Samuelsen},
Fuel cell gas turbine hybrid systems have achieved ultra-high efficiency and ultra-low emissions at small scales, but have yet to demonstrate effective dynamic responsiveness or base-load cost savings. Fuel cell systems and hybrid prototypes have not utilized controls to address thermal cycling during load following operation, and have thus been relegated to the less valuable base-load and peak shaving power market. Additionally, pressurized hybrid topping cycles have exhibited increased stall… Expand
Technical challenges in operating an SOFC in fuel flexible gas turbine hybrid systems: Coupling effects of cathode air mass flow
Abstract Considering the limited turndown potential of gasification technologies, supplementing a fuel cell turbine hybrid power system with natural gas provides flexibility that could improveExpand
a multi-stage air compressor in response to a load transient of a hybrid solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine system
A better understanding of turbulent unsteady flows in gas turbine systems is necessary to design and control compressors for hybrid fuel cell-gas turbine systems. Compressor stall/surge analysis forExpand


Development of controls for dynamic operation of carbonate fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid systems
Hybrid fuel cell/gas turbine (FC/GT) systems have been shown through experiment and simulation to be highly efficient technologies with low emissions. Maintaining efficient, low emission, and safeExpand
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Statistical packages have been used for decades to analyze large datasets or to perform mathematically intractable statistical methods. These packages are not capable of working with random variablesExpand
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