Fuchs' superficial marginal keratitis.

  title={Fuchs' superficial marginal keratitis.},
  author={John R. Bierly and James P. Dunn and Chandler R. Dawson and Howard B. Ostler and Iraz{\'u} Gallardo Wong},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={113 5},
We studied three cases of Fuchs' superficial marginal keratitis, an uncommon condition that is characterized by intermittent, recurrent episodes of ocular irritation accompanied by marginal infiltrates and that is followed by progressive marginal superficial stromal thinning. Usually, it has an indolent course with spontaneous remission, and good visual acuity is preserved. In advanced cases, a pseudopterygium develops in the area of marginal thinning. The pseudopterygium encroaches onto the… CONTINUE READING