Fucan effect on CHO cell proliferation and migration.

  title={Fucan effect on CHO cell proliferation and migration.},
  author={Leonardo Thiago Duarte Barreto Nobre and Arthur Anthunes Jacome Vidal and Jailma Almeida-Lima and Ruth Medeiros de Oliveira and Edgar Jean Paredes-Gamero and Valquiria Pereira de Medeiros and Edvaldo da Silva Trindade and C{\'e}lia Regina Cavichiolo Franco and Helena B. Nader and Hugo Alexandre Oliveira Rocha},
  journal={Carbohydrate polymers},
  volume={98 1},
Fucan is a term used to denominate sulfated L-fucose rich polysaccharides. Here, a heterofucan, named fucan B, was extracted from the Spatoglossum schröederi seaweed. This 21.5 kDa galactofucan inhibited CHO-K1 proliferation and migration when fibronectin was the substrate. Fucan B derivatives revealed that such effects depend on their degree of sulfation. Fucan B did not induce cell death, but promoted G1 cell cycle arrest. Western blotting and flow cytometry analysis suggest that fucan B… CONTINUE READING

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