FtsA is localized to the septum in an FtsZ-dependent manner.

  title={FtsA is localized to the septum in an FtsZ-dependent manner.},
  author={Stephen G. Addinall and Joe Lutkenhaus},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={178 24},
The localization of the cell division protein FtsA in E. coli was examined. FtsA was found to localize to the septum in a ring pattern as previously shown for FtsZ. The localization of FtsA was completely dependent on the localization of FtsZ. Under a variety of conditions that prevented formation of the Z ring, FtsA was unable to localize. In mutants where FtsZ forms structures in addition to Z rings, the pattern of FtsA duplicated these structures. These results suggest that the Z ring… CONTINUE READING

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