Frying stability of Moringa stenopetala seed oil.

  title={Frying stability of Moringa stenopetala seed oil.},
  author={Stavros I. Lalas and Olga Gortzi and John Tsaknis},
  journal={Plant foods for human nutrition},
  volume={61 2},
The frying performance of Moringa stenopetala seed oil (extracted with cold press or n-hexane) was studied especially as regards repeated frying operations. The oils were used for intermittent frying of potato slices and cod filets at a temperature of 175 degrees C for 5 consecutive days (5 fryings per day). The chemical changes occurring in oils were evaluated. Free fatty acid content, polar compounds, colour and viscosity of the oils all increased, whereas the iodine value, smoke point… CONTINUE READING

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