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Frying Performance of Palm Olein and High Oleic Sunflower Oil During Batch Frying of Potato Crisps

  title={Frying Performance of Palm Olein and High Oleic Sunflower Oil During Batch Frying of Potato Crisps},
  author={Nora Nur Aini},
eep fat frying has become a common way of cooking food such as potato crisps and French fries. The choice of the frying fat depends on many factors such as availability, price, frying performance, flavour and stability of the product during storage (Sebedio et al., 1996). As deep fat frying is normally carried out at high temperatures (between 160°C-180°C) and in the presence of air and moisture, these frying oils and fats will undergo physical and chemical deterioration which will affect their… 

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