Frustrations in polymer conformation in gels and their minimization through molecular imprinting.

  title={Frustrations in polymer conformation in gels and their minimization through molecular imprinting.},
  author={T Enoki and Kentaro Tanaka and Toshiyuki Watanabe and Takahisa Oya and Takaharu Sakiyama and Yusuke Takeoka and Kenji Ito and Guojie Wang and Masahiko Annaka and Kazuhiko Hara and Rose Du and Jeffrey Chuang and Kimberly M. Wasserman and Grosberg AYu and Satoru Masamune and Toshihiro Tanaka},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={85 23},
We report an experimental realization of a gel system in which frustrations exist and can be minimized, thus meeting two crucial criteria predicted to enable memory of conformations in polymers. The gels consist of a thermosensitive major monomer component and two minor components. One minor component is positively charged and will form complexes around negatively charged target molecules placed in solution. The complexes can be imprinted into the gel by then cross-linking the second minor… CONTINUE READING

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