Frustrated demand for postpartum female sterilization in Brazil.

  title={Frustrated demand for postpartum female sterilization in Brazil.},
  author={Joseph E Potter and Ignez Helena Oliva Perp{\'e}tuo and Elza S Berqu{\'o} and Kristine Hopkins and Ondina Fachel Leal and Maria C{\'e}lia de Carvalho Formiga and Marta Rovery de Souza},
  volume={67 5},
During the last three decades, Brazilians have relied almost exclusively on two contraceptive methods, the pill and female sterilization, with sterilization use increasing over time. Until a new law was passed in 1997, sterilization was virtually illegal and not covered by either public or private health insurance. It was, however, frequently provided in public and private hospitals in conjunction with a cesarean section. The new law regulating sterilization provided for reimbursement for… CONTINUE READING

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