Frustrated bilayer smectic phase in main-chain polymers with two different spacers

  title={Frustrated bilayer smectic phase in main-chain polymers with two different spacers},
  author={Junji Watanabe and Yasukazu Nakata and Kazuya Simizu},
  journal={Journal De Physique Ii},
We have studied the structural characteristics of the smectic phases formed by the main-chain type of polymers in which the mesogenic biphenyl moieties are linked by two different odd-numbered aliphatic spacers in a regularly alternate fashion. The first interesting result of this study is that the two different types of layer structures are formed depending on the difference in the lengths of two aliphatic spacers. In the polymers with the two spacers having a small difference in their lengths… 

Smectic A structure in main-chain liquid crystalline polymers with two different spacers

We have prepared a homologous series of polymers, BP-CO4-On (n= 3-15). [ILLEGIBLE] The BP-CO4-On polymers are classified as a new type of main-chain liquid crystalline polymer, characterized by

Several Interesting Fields Exploited through Understanding of Polymeric Effects on Liquid Crystals of Main-Chain Polyesters

We review our experimental results on the structural characteristics of polymeric liquid crystals collected through our studies on the main-chain liquid crystalline polyesters with mesogenic biphenyl

Smectic mesophase properties of dimeric compounds. 1. Dimeric compounds based on the mesogenic azobenzene unit

Abstract We have studied the mesophase behaviour and structure of certain dimeric compounds, the α,ω-bis(4-n-alkoxyazobenzene-4′-carbonyloxy)alkanes, in which two azobenzene moieties with alkoxy

Spontaneous Polarization Characteristics in Polar Smectic Phases of Fluoro-Substituted Bent-Shaped Dimeric Molecules.

Three kinds of bent-shaped dimeric molecules are synthesized by fluorine substitution of C16 molecules, and influences of the substitution on the polar smectic phases are examined. The

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Azo-functionalized materials are one of the appealing groups of the functionalized materials owing to their photoswitching behaviour and have been explored for various potential applications viz.,

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From examination of transition behavior in poly(pentamethylene 4,4′-bibenzoate) (BB-5) forming crystal, SCA and isotropic phases, it was found that the liquid crystallization proceeds promptly and

Chiral memory on transition between the B2 and B4 phases in an achiral banana-shaped molecular system

The correlation between chirality of the B2 and B4 phases was examined by measuring the circular dichroism (CD) in the classic bent-core molecule, P-12-O-PIMB, which shows a direct B2 to B4 phase

Effect of Molecular Structure on Smectic Phase Structures in Two Homologues Series of Bent-Shaped Molecules with Asymmetric Central Naphthalene Core

Two homologous series of achiral banana-shaped liquid crystals with an asymmetric central core based on 1,6- and 1,7-dihydroxynaphthalene and with side wings containing Schiff's based moiety,

Distinct Ferroelectric Smectic Liquid Crystals Consisting of Achiral Molecules with Banana Shape

Abstract We found three smectic phases, SmX1, SmX2 and SmX3, in achiral compounds with banana shape. The SmX1 phase has a biaxial single molecular layer, along which polarization exists. The

Smectic A Formation by Twin Dimers Assuming U-shaped Conformation

Twin dimers with 3-methylpentane spacers behave as U-shaped (folding) molecules if the carbon number of alkyl tail group is longer than 12 and form an S A phase. This behavior is in contrast to that