Frustrated Heisenberg J1−J2 model within the stretched diamond lattice of LiYbO2

  title={Frustrated Heisenberg 
 model within the stretched diamond lattice of 
  author={Mitchell M. Bordelon and Chunxiao Liu and Lorenzo Posthuma and Eric M. Kenney and Michael J. Graf and Nicholas P. Butch and Arnab Banerjee and Stuart Calder and Leon Balents and Stephen D. Wilson},
  journal={Physical Review B},
$A\phantom{\rule{0}{0ex}}R$O${}_{2}$ ($A$=alkali, $R$=rare earth) compounds are well known for forming layered triangular lattices, but they also form other structures. One of these is a three-dimensional tetragonal form chosen by LiYbO${}_{2}$, which is experimentally and theoretically explored in this paper. An unusual spiral magnetic state forms, reflective of frustration inherent to the stretched diamond network of Yb ions. This is modeled by a Heisenberg model, which further predicts a… 
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Nicola D. Kelly, ∗ Lei Yuan, Rosalyn L. Pearson, † Emmanuelle Suard, Inés Puente Orench, 3 and Siân E. Dutton ‡ Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, J J Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0HE,
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Magnetic properties and signatures of moment ordering in the triangular lattice antiferromagnet KCeO2
Mitchell M. Bordelon,1 Xiaoling Wang,2 Daniel M. Pajerowski,3 Arnab Banerjee,4 Mark Sherwin,2 Craig M. Brown,5, 6 M. S. Eldeeb,7 T. Petersen,7 L. Hozoi,7 U. K. Rößler,7 Martin Mourigal,8 and Stephen
Synthesis and anisotropic magnetism in quantum spin liquid candidates AYbSe2 (A = K and Rb)
Quantum spin liquid (QSL) state in rare-earth triangular lattice has attracted much attention recently due to its potential application in quantum computing and communication. Here we report the
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A formula has been derived for the mean-square error in the phases of crystal reflections determined through the multiwavelength anomalous scattering method. The error is written in terms of a simple
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