Fruit rot of Strawberry pear (pitaya) caused by Bipolaris cactivora

  title={Fruit rot of Strawberry pear (pitaya) caused by Bipolaris cactivora},
  author={Satoshi Taba and Nao Miyahira and Kanami Nasu and Tetsuya Takushi and Zen-ichi Moromizato},
  journal={Journal of General Plant Pathology},
Strawberry pear (pitahaya, pitaya) [Hylocereus undatus (Haw.) Britt. and Rose] postharvest fruit rot was found at an agricultural products store in Itoman city, Okinawa Prefecture in 2006. The symptoms included depressed, water-soaked lesions with olive to black powdery spots coalescing into a soft rot. The causal fungus was identified as Bipolaris… CONTINUE READING