Fruit development, pigmentation and biochemical properties of wax apple as affected by localized Application of GA3 under field conditions

  title={Fruit development, pigmentation and biochemical properties of wax apple as affected by localized Application of GA3 under field conditions},
  author={M. M. Khandaker and A. N. Boyce and N. Osman and Faruq Golam and Motior M. Rahman and M. Sofian-Azirun},
  journal={Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology},
ABSTRACT This study investigated the effects of gibberellin (GA 3 ) on the fruit development, pigmentation and biochemical properties of wax apple. The wax apple trees were rubbing treated with 0, 20, 50 and 100 mgGA 3 /l under field conditions. The localized application (rubbing) of 50 mg GA 3 /l significantly increased the fruit set, fruit length and diameter, color development, weight and yield compared to the control. In addition, GA 3 treatments significantly reduced the fruit drop. With… Expand

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