Fructose-maltodextrin ratio governs exogenous and other CHO oxidation and performance.

  title={Fructose-maltodextrin ratio governs exogenous and other CHO oxidation and performance.},
  author={Wendy J O'Brien and Stephen Robert Stannard and Jim A Clarke and David Stephen Rowlands},
  journal={Medicine and science in sports and exercise},
  volume={45 9},
INTRODUCTION Fructose coingested with glucose in carbohydrate (CHO) drinks increases exogenous-CHO oxidation, gut comfort, and physical performance. PURPOSE This study aimed to determine the effect of different fructose-maltodextrin-glucose ratios on CHO oxidation and fluid absorption while controlling for osmolality and caloricity. METHODS In a crossover design, 12 male cyclists rode 2 h at 57% peak power then performed 10 sprints while ingesting artificially sweetened water or three… CONTINUE READING
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