Fructose-Enhanced Development and Growth of the N2-Fixing Cyanobiont Anabaena azollae


Nitrogen Fixation, Symbiotic Cyanobacteria, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Heterotrophic Growth Fructose supported the heterotrophic growth of the cyanobiont Anabaena azollae, isolated from the water fern Azolla filiculoides, and also enhanced its growth in the light by 2-3fo ld . Fructose was taken up at a high rate in the light and in the dark, in an energy-dependent reaction. The photosynthetic and respiratory activities of the fructose grown cells were modified: 0 2 evolution in vivo was decreased by 40%, while PS I activity and dark respiration were 2 -3fo ld higher than in autotrophically grown cells. These changes were accompanied by 2-3-fo ld increase in heterocyst differentiation and by a 4-fold stimulation of nitrogenase activity.

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