Frontotemporal dementia as a neural system disease.

  title={Frontotemporal dementia as a neural system disease.},
  author={Marina Boccardi and Francesca Sabattoli and Mikko P. Laakso and C. J. Testa and Roberta Elisa Rossi and Alberto Beltramello and Hilkka Soininen and Giovanni B. Frisoni},
  journal={Neurobiology of aging},
  volume={26 1},
Some brain structures atrophic in frontotemporal dementia (FTD) belong to the rostral limbic system (RLS), that regulates context-dependent behaviors after evaluation of the motivational content of stimuli. The clinical manifestations of FTD are consistent with its impairment. Aim of this study was to assess whole brain morphology in FTD using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and voxel-based morphometry with statistic parametric mapping (SPM99) to test the hypothesis that the RLS might be… CONTINUE READING