Frontoethmoidectomy in the treatment of mucoceles. A neglected operation.

  title={Frontoethmoidectomy in the treatment of mucoceles. A neglected operation.},
  author={John S Rubin and Valerie J. Lund and Brandon Salmon},
  journal={Archives of otolaryngology--head & neck surgery},
  volume={112 4},
The treatment of mucoceles by the Lynch-Howarth frontoethmoidectomy has been criticized because of a high rate of recurrence and postoperative complications. The long-term results in 60 patients treated by this method are examined to evaluate these criticisms. Compared with the osteoplastic flap-obliterative procedure, our results suggest a much lower recurrence rate (4%) and considerably better cosmesis with frontoethmoidectomy. This is achieved by the use of a fenestrated Silastic drainage… CONTINUE READING

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