Frontiers in Group Dynamics

  title={Frontiers in Group Dynamics},
  author={Kurt Lewin},
  journal={Human Relations},
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  • K. Lewin
  • Published 1 June 1947
  • Psychology
  • Human Relations

Theoretical Review of Turnaround Strategy and its Organizational Outcomes

Strategic management literature has recognized the role of turnaround strategy in the management process as a critical strategy at the corporate level. Researches done on turnaround strategy and

Psychologische Sicherheit: Das Fundament gelingender Arbeit im Team

Im angloamerikanischen Diskurs taucht oft der Slogan „design is a team sport“ auf, um auf die Notwendigkeit of Teamwork f for Human-Centred Design hinzuweisen, beleuchten das theoretische Konzept aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven.

Examining the capability of lean and agile manufacturing techniques to address the needs of wind turbine manufacturers

Over the last few decades the wind power industry has grown very rapidly, and dozens of wind turbine manufacturers now operate all over the globe. Worldwide, installed capacity has increased tenfold

Has the traditional Japanese management system transformed after the bubble burst in the 1990’s? Case study: Nissan Motors

There has been much debate about the Japanese management system and its changes as well as continuity. There is a consensus that the Japanese human resource management rests on three core pillars

Theory and Practice: A Historical Examination of the Assumptions and Philosophy of Human Resource Development

The history of Human Resource Development (HRD) is the history of human organizational growth and development. A review of the history of western civilization, with particular focus on the Industrial

Management of the Potential Challenges in the Consolidation Phase : A Case Study of a Scandinavian Company

Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to explore how to manage the potential challenges organizations may face in the consolidation phase, and in order to achieve this, potential challenges need t



Management and the Worker.

Part I I. Introduction II. Planning the Relay Assembly Test Room III. Experiment with Rest Pauses IV. Experiment with Shorter Working Days and Weeks V. Testing the Fatigue and Monotony Hypotheses VI.

Price flexibility and employment

this monograph presents a systematic investigation of the effect of price flexibility upon employment and economic stability.