Front & Back Matter

  title={Front & Back Matter},
  author={Asako Satoh Kaneoka and Susan E. Langmore and Gintas P. Krisciunas and Katherine Field and Rebecca Scheel and Edel McNally and Michael J. Walsh and M. B. O'dea and Howard H. Cabral and Tamer A. Mesallam and Khalid H. Malki and Mohamed A. Farahat and Manal Ahmed Bukhari and Sami Alharethy and Li Dong and Adi Primov-Fever and Ronnie Lidor and Yoav Meckel and Ofer Amir and A. Satej Kelkar and Kathleen Treole Cox and Monica Strauss Hough and L Ball and Kevin OʼBrien and Kristiane M. Van Lierde and Anke Luyten and Kim Bettens and Evelien D'haeseleer and S D Ley and Andrew Hodges and George William Galiwango and Hubert Vermeersch and Johan Sundberg and Jiangping Kong and Satz Mengensatzproduktion and Werner Druck Medien Ag},
  journal={Folia Phoniatrica Et Logopaedica},

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