From vaginal exception to exceptional vagina: The biopolitics of female genital cosmetic surgery

  title={From vaginal exception to exceptional vagina: The biopolitics of female genital cosmetic surgery},
  author={Sara Rodrigues},
  pages={778 - 794}
Female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS) refers to a group of procedures designed to alter the aesthetics or ‘function’ of women’s genital anatomy. This article analyzes the biopolitics of FGCS, opening up for discussion the relationship between biopolitics and vaginas. I theorize the biopolitics of FGCS in terms of how these procedures discipline individual bodies, demarcate and regulate a population defined by its vulval aesthetics, and ultimately create the optimal, ‘biopolitical vagina’. I… 
International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease Recommendations Regarding Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery.
Female genital cosmetic surgeries (FGCSs) and procedures are increasingly being advertised as common, simple, and complication-free, capable of not only improving aesthetic appearance but also
Pathologising diversity: medical websites offering female genital cosmetic surgery in Australia
Enforcing the first do no harm principle would reduce websites’ capacity to promote discourses and practices that damage women’s bodies and wellbeing.
The normal and the aberrant in female genital cutting
In this lecture I consider preliminary results of continuing fieldwork in Sudan while revisiting my earlier observations on female genital cutting there in light of the growing practice of “female
Re-thinking the Zero Tolerance Approach to FGM/C: the Debate Around Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery
Drawing on the burgeoning medical, social science, and humanities literature surrounding labiaplasty, the paper documents the narrowing of aesthetic standards governing ‘normal’ genital appearance and finds that, in addition to adult women, thousands of adolescents have undergone these operations whose long-term health consequences are unknown.
‘Designer Vaginas': The Representation of Female Genitals on Canadian Cosmetic Surgeons' Websites
This thesis critically examines the online marketing tactics of 10 (English language) Canadian cosmetic surgery clinics’ websites that offer Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (FGCS), specifically, labiaplasty (labial reduction) and vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) to better understand what these contemporary shifts may mean for women’s sexual anxiety and expression.
Labiaplasty and pornography: a preliminary investigation
It is found that women were largely satisfied with the appearance of their vulvas, and generally were not open to labiaplasty, and the model is incomplete and that there are additional predictors that must be included in future models.
“FGM” vs. female “cosmetic” surgeries: why do they continue to be treated separately?
  • A. Shahvisi
  • Sociology
    International Journal of Impotence Research
  • 2021
In this article, I argue that the moral and legal distinction between “female genital cutting” and “female genital cosmetic surgeries” cannot be maintained without recourse to racist distinctions
The clean vagina, the healthy vagina, and the dirty vagina: Exploring women’s portrayals of the vagina in relation to vaginal cleansing product use
It is argued that this prioritization of the idealized clean vagina is connected to societal pressures of needing to attain unrealistic standards of vaginal cleanliness.
“Hairless, odourless, bleached, and clean”: Exploring Women’s Experiences of the Vagina in Connection with Vaginal Cleansing Products
It is shown how the clean vagina is a powerful beauty ideal to the extent that some women rationalized and justified their use of vaginal cleansing products despite being aware of or experiencing negative health consequences associated with these products.
“Clean and Fresh”: Understanding Women’s use of Vaginal Hygiene Products
It is argued the marketing of vaginal hygiene products contributes to the problematization of women’s genitalia by suggesting women need to use these products to attain an ideal (i.e., clean and fresh) vagina.


Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery: Freakish or Inevitable? Analysis from Medical Marketing, Bioethics, and Feminist Theory
Female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS) refers to new treatment/enhancement technologies that have engendered much controversy. Examining FGCS through the lenses of bioethics, feminist theory and
In Search of (Better) Sexual Pleasure: Female Genital ‘Cosmetic’ Surgery
Female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS) procedures are new, but increasing in popularity. In this article, I examine the role of female sexual pleasure in media (31 magazine items) and surgeon (15
Female genital cosmetic surgery: a critical review of current knowledge and contemporary debates.
  • V. Braun
  • Medicine
    Journal of women's health
  • 2010
The article demonstrates a paucity of scientific knowledge and highlights a pressing need to consider the broader ramifications of surgical practices.
Female cosmetic genital surgery.
The genital plastic surgeon must have sufficient training in sexual medicine to withhold these procedures from women with sexual dysfunction, mental impairment, or body dysmorphic disorder.
From clitoridectomies to ‘designer vaginas’: The medical construction of heteronormative female bodies and sexuality through female genital cutting
This discussion reveals how various cultures and people–including women themselves–use FGC to influence and enforce Western medically constructed female embodiment(s) of heteronormative femininity and sexuality.
Cosmetic vulvovaginal surgery
The perfectible vagina: Size matters
With the construction of women's genitals as problematic, the 'private' female body becomes a site for potential improvement. Socio-cultural accounts of vaginal size in the West construct a tight
Genitals and ethnicity: the politics of genital modifications
Public Privates: Performing Gynecology from Both Ends of the Speculum
Public Privates concludes by locating a venue from which challenging, alternative performances may be staged, and revealing the potent cultural attitudes and anxieties about women, female bodies, and female sexuality that permeate the practice of gynaecology.
The Brazilian Wax: New Hairlessness Norm for Women?
In the past few years, the Brazilian bikini wax—a procedure involving the removal of hair from women's genital area—has become the subject of substantial media attention. From HBO's Sex and the City