From urban village to East Village : the battle for New York's Lower East Side

  title={From urban village to East Village : the battle for New York's Lower East Side},
  author={Steven Gregory and Janet Abu-lughod},
  journal={Contemporary Sociology},
1 Welcome to the Neighbourhood by Janet Abu-Lughod. PART I THE PAST IS STILL THERE 2 The Changing Economy of the Lower East Side by Jan Chien Lin (University of Houston). 3 The Tenement as a Built Form by Richard Plunz (Columbia University) and Janet Abu-Lughod. 4 A History of Tompkins Square Park by Marci Raven (New York History Project) and Jeanne Houck (Eugene Lang College). 5 Deja Vu: Replanning the Lower East Side in the 1930s by Suzanne Wasserman (Iona College). PART II THE PROCESS OF… 
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