From the banal to the blatant: Expressions of nationalism in secondary schools in Argentina and the Falkland Islands

  title={From the banal to the blatant: Expressions of nationalism in secondary schools in Argentina and the Falkland Islands},
  author={Matthew C. Benwell},
Youth organizations and the reproduction of nationalism in Britain: the role of Urdd Gobaith Cymru
Abstract Youth organizations have long played significant roles in promoting particular forms of nationalism among young people in the UK. To date, however, academic studies of UK youth organizations
Youth as geopolitical subjects: the case of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
From the mundane legacy of imperialism to more spectacular accounts of violence, geopolitical contestations permeate in numerous ways the landscapes of people’s everyday life. In a world dominated by
War of the British Worlds: The Anglo-Argentines and the Falklands
Abstract The 1982 Falklands War was shrouded in symbolism, bringing to the fore divergent conceptions of Britishness, kinship, and belonging. This article casts light on the persistent purchase of
Banal and everyday nationalisms in children’s mundane and institutional lives
Nationalism in many parts of the world takes new shapes merging with populist, far-right, nativist and green agendas illustrating how political evocations of the nation enjoy growing electoral
Integration of Moral Didactic Values and Patriotism of Hikayat Hang Tuah in Social Studies Learning to Build the Soul of Nationalism in Middle School Students in Surabaya
Planting the soul of nationalism is important starting from the beginning to deal with the erosion of national identity along with the process of globalization. One effort to build the spirit of
Connecting ontological (in)securities and generation through the everyday and emotional geopolitics of Falkland Islanders*
Abstract Debates about the security of British Overseas Territories (OTs) like the Falkland Islands are typically framed through the discourses of formal and practical geopolitics in ways that


Reproducing the nation: `banal nationalism' in the Turkish press
Nationalism is an elusive concept, resisting all attempts at formulating an allembracing definition. Despite this Janus-faced character, however, the literature on nationalism abounds with
Unpacking the School: Textbooks, Teachers, and the Construction of Nationhood in Mexico, Argentina, and Peru
  • M. Hau
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 2010
This article examines trajectories of nationalism in twentieth-century Argentina, Mexico, and Peru through the analytical lens of schooling. I argue that textbooks reveal state-sponsored conceptions
The countryside as educator: schools, rurality and citizenship in inter-war Wales
Abstract This paper examines the ways in which the educational system in inter-war Wales reflected wider debates about national identity, rurality and citizenship. It begins by outlining the role of
Situating banal nationalism, the culture wars, and civil religion: governing localized geographies of national identity in Indiana
Various material forms of national identity have become ubiquitous features of the post-9/11 American cultural landscape. This research specifically examines the ‘In God We Trust’ (IGWT) license
Children, Place and Identity: Nation and Locality in Middle Childhood
In this, the first sociology book to consider the important issue of how children identify with place and nation, the authors use original research and international case studies to explore this
‘An instruction in good citizenship’: scouting and the historical geographies of citizenship education
This paper examines informal citizenship training for youth and the historical geographies of education over time through analysing the Scout Movement in Britain and its activities in the first half